Valley Gives Day tomorrow! Tuesday, May 1st

Valley Gives

If you live here, you know that the people of Western MA share in the spirit of generosity.   People care about their community and their neighbors.

Valley Gives Day is an annual event to give to the non-profits throughout the region who support our communities. It’s a great way to learn about the great work they do and be a part of supporting them.

Valley Gives Day is sponsored by the Community Foundation of Western MA. 


Finding support when you need it

Living in a community is not only about the good times. What can be the most telling is the support your find during the toughest times. Having moved here to start a family, we were overjoyed when I became pregnant with twins in the summer of 2010 (after 2 years of trying unsuccessfully in NYC). We were nurtured through this process first by the excellent  midwives at Holyoke Midwifery Care and finally through science at Baystate Hospital. However, our excitement turned to despair when we learned at our 20 week ultrasound that both of our babies were afflicted with genetic abnormalities that were “incompatible with life”.

Empty Artms bereavement support logo

Somehow the Empty Arms Bereavement Support pamphlet found it’s way into my hands. I nervously called the number one evening expecting to leave a message. Instead, the loving voice of Carol McMurrich, Empty Arm’s  founder, answered the phone, listened to my story, and immediately I knew that I wasn’t alone. That began my relationship with Empty Arms. The support groups and community that Empty Arms offered us was our lifeline through that devastating time. We carry the love and loss of our twin daughters with us as well as the loving and supportive community of Empty Arms.

Empty Arms helps families navigate their grief after experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.