3 activities for surviving the frigid weather with your kids

Sasha lying on iceOk. So, it’s really frickin’ cold outside! It was -3 this morning. Yesterday was cold too. This is how we survived the weekend with our 5 year old.

  1. the Hampshire YMCA in Northampton ,  community central. Once you live here for awhile, you won’t be able to go there without running into someone you know. This weekend I took our kid to a swim class in the little pool. It’s super warm in there. This was a great way to get toasty. I also recommend dropping you dear little one at child watch while you go up and enjoy the sauna or the steam room. Working out is also always an option.
  2. the Lossone Ice Arena in Easthampton, which offers indoor public ice skating on Sunday’s beginning mid-December and runs through early March from 3-5 p.m. You must bring your own skates. Better yet, get your kids involved with the Nonotuck Valley Hockey Association. (based at Lossone) They offer a great Learn to Skate and Learn to Play program for younger children.
  3. Children’s Museum of Holyoke. This place is awesome. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to be physical – climbing and building as well inspiration for imaginative play. They are open 12pm – 4pm on weekends, and we could easily stay the whole time.