Great deals for an important cause

I just bought 2 shirts, a sweater, a blazer, a scarf, a purse and 3 chapter booksfor my son for $20. Yes, I said $20.

Some call it Wednesday. We call it Thrifty Thursday eve.
from Cancer Connection Facebook Page

Had to share! Oh, and that $20 all went to the Cancer Connection Center. That’s because I had a little time to kill in Northampton and remembered that it was Thursday, which means 50% off at the Cancer Connection Thrift Store

Every time I go there, I leave with a couple good finds. I always get compliments when I wear the velvet JCrew blazer I got there, and I can’t help boasting that I got it for $4. They do a great job at keeping merchandise flowing and not overstuffing the racks. If you join their monthly mailing list, you’ll receive a monthly 50% off coupon so any day could be a Thursday!